Break Even
I don't even know man
Started vacation today!
Thursday, 11:31 pm
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Siah 💕
Thursday, 12:18 am
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The fact that this guy told me he was better dressed when he was wearing a t-shirt and jeans
Thursday, 12:17 am
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Sometimes I forget...


I can be having a pretty okay day, week or even month and then WHAM. My anxiety decides to pop it’s head back in when I least expect it.

All my fellow anxiety strugglers out there, you feel me? Currently sitting in my bed after a hot shower, drinking some chamomile lavender tea.

I think my…

Wednesday, 9:22 pm
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Tuesday, 3:27 am
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My dog was so tired that when I put her down on the counter for a second she tried to go back to sleep 😂
Monday, 9:59 pm
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We destroyed my living room but putting it back together wasn’t fun lol
Monday, 9:57 pm
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Monday, 9:55 pm
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Monday, 9:54 pm
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